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Mythic Jailer jailed!

about 1 year ago

We did it! We're free! Finally free. A huge thank you to all of our raiders for pulling together to get our progression done before July vacations would have wrecked our availability. We ended up raiding 2 extra Wednesdays to get it done and it came down to the final hour of the final day of June.

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Mythic Sylvanas Down!

almost 2 years ago

Took us long enough! While she should have died a week or two earlier, it was nice coming in on Tuesday and 2-shotting here (almost a 1 shot!). We ended up US 185th. Not bad.

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Sire Denathrius Down!

over 2 years ago

Looks like we forgot to post about our Sire Denathrius kill! Here's hoping 9.1 comes out soon and we get a good raid out of it.

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This week we claimed the World #1 spot for Guild Execution ranking in Ny'alotha on We also held the World #1 spot in Antorus and Uldir. It feels good to get back on top, even if it is an arbitrary metric. It's a testament to the players on our roster prioritizing mechanics but still pumping out damage to shorten fights.

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There's a lot of excitement and energy surrounding a new raid tier launch. We asked our raiders if they wanted to raid an extra day or two for the first week of mythic with the goal of turning new content excitement into new content progression. The response was an unanimous and emphatic YES! Read on for more details.

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