We raid Tuesday and Thursday, from 8pm to Midnight EST. That's 7pm to 11pm server (CST). At the start of progress we typically add an extra day or two for the first week of Mythic raiding. This will be handled on a tier-by-tier, boss-by-boss basis. Our roster enjoys pushing a little harder when the content is fresh.

All raiders must maintain an attendance rate of over 85% on a 30-day or 90-day basis. This equates to one missed raid every 4 weeks. Real Life™ is more important than a video game. We will work with you to navigate any availability issues that arise. But that requires that you communicate with us.

We ask that all members post in our Discord's availability channel when they cannot make a raid. We understand that issues pop up suddenly and you will be forced to give us short notice for an absence. Try to minimize these events to the best of your ability. Please post in our availability channel for any event that you know about in advance that will affect your ability to raid. Prime examples are family vacations, midterms or finals, and work related events.


Learning a mythic encounter is very similar to learning a piece of music, or a dance routine, or any choreographed event. You have different phases with different moves you have to memorize. Failure is expected early on. What separates mediocre raiders from good raiders is how many pulls it takes to master a particular phase of a boss fight. What separates good raiders from great raiders is their performance while avoiding boss mechanics.

We expect all of our raiders to be able to learn encounters at the same rate as your fellow raiders. What that means is, when we're working on phase one of an encounter, work on not failing to all the various combinations of boss mechanics. Once we as a group are past phase one consistently and working on phase two, we expect phase one mistakes to be minimized. Raiders who fail on learned mechanics at a lower rate than their peers are inherently good raiders. Remember, dead DPS and healers do no DPS or healing.

The unicorn raider is someone who fails rarely at mechanics while putting out 90th percentile parses for their class. We don't expect all of our raiders to be unicorns. What we do expect is for every raider to be above the 50th percentile on parses for their class.


All raiders must come prepared for each of our raid nights. You must have your gear fully gemmed and enchanted. The guild will provide gems and enchants for you. The guild will also provide you with food (when feasts are BiS for most, otherwise bring your own), phials, potion cauldrons, weapon buffs and vantus runes. It is always a good idea to have a few stacks of your own of each consumable ready and available.

But there's more to being prepared than enhancements and consumables. As a raider, you must read up on fights and know how to optimize your play for each boss encounter. You have to know how to spec, which glyphs and talents to use, what trinkets to use, and so on. During progression, the difference between the raider who does preparation versus the one who doesn't is a spot in the raid.

It's important to know the best resources for theorycrafting for your class. If you need help finding resources, our members are always willing to help.


Loot is handed out via loot council. We use the RC Loot Council addon. All group loot will be auto-passed and looted by the raid leader. Items awards will be announced in guild or raid chat, and traded to those individuals. When gear drops you will see the following buttons:

Standard Items: Main | Side | Off | M+/PVP | Collection | Xmog

Tier Items: 4pc | 3pc | 2pc | 1pc | Upgrade | Swap | Reroll

To submit a roll in RC Loot Council you must add a note. The note is there to provide additional context. For example, your note might say "This trinket is BIS for the next two cleave fights" The context our raiders provide in their notes is usually the deciding factor on who gets the piece of loot. Every raider must be knowledgable as to which items are upgrades for them. We're on a time constrained schedule. We do not want to waste time on loot. And we don't want our raiders missing out on upgrades.

Loot is a means to progression. Progression is the reward. If you don't agree, this isn't the guild for you.


We require all raiders to have the following addons: