Are we a good fit for you?

If you haven't read through our About pages (see the navbar above), I highly suggest you do so. You'll get a feel for our guild and what we're about. After reading about us, if you still want to apply, great! if you have any further questions, feel free to talk with us on Argo#1559 and Osiris#1352 are the co-GM's of Decidedly Uncouth.


Head on over to our Application page. It'll lead you through the steps you need to take to submit your application.


Once you submit your application, one of our members will review it. We may ask you questions and ask you to reply in text. We may ask you on to our voice comms to chat about your app. Or we may decline you outright. Either way, you'll hear from us within 24-48 hours.

Probationary Period

All new raiders are placed on a Trial rank. It's an organizational rank for the guild to see who is new. Trials are not restricted on loot or progress. The only restriction is trials do not receive a split of gold from sales runs.

During progression, the average trial period is ~4 weeks. We want to see you on a hard boss during progression to evaluate you.

During farm, the trial period is more nebulous. Your trial could last one month if there are enough challenges in the farm content to evaluate you. Or we might wait until we see you on the next progression content. While we try to avoid that, sometimes it's unavoidable. Especially around the end of an expansion. But please remember, our trials face no restrictions on loot or raid time. There's no raid impact to someone staying on trial status for an extended period. The only trial restriction is in regards to receiving a split of gold from sales runs.